The Project

Charge Over You is an independent feature film that commenced development in January 2008. The film was shot in April 2010 and premiered as a finished product less than 4 months later at Palace Cinemas in Brisbane, Australia on August 6th. Produced under Regardt Steenekamp's small production company Triumphal Pictures and in association with Citipointe Church Brisbane, the film's shoe string budget of AU$40,000 forced the filmmakers to push the boundaries of independent filmmaking to a whole new level.

Despite the budget restrictions, Charge Over You was shot on the revolutionary digital cinema camera - the RED ONE - which allowed cinematographer Simon Smith to capture the story in Hollywood standard image quality.

The film was also shot on location in Brisbane, Australia providing opportunities for local actors and crew to work on a feature film - a rare commodity in this part of the world. The entire film was shot in 12 days, making scheduling a logistical nightmare and the support of the local community an integral part of the filmmaking process.

Without the many volunteers who gave up their time, their talent and emptied their kitchen cupboards to keep everyone on set fed and happy and as close to on schedule as possible this film would never have made it through production. All things considered, this project is something the makers of the film and the residents of Brisbane can be truly proud of.